Short Term Rental Service — Providing the Right Device at the Right Time

Reliable IT Solution That Won’t Break the Bank.
We take pride in delivering unparalleled IT solutions. Our cost-efficient device rental service provides you with various IT equipment and technology that are sure to cater to your specific requirements. With all-inclusive subscription plans designed to suit your budget, EzRental helps you avoid depreciation, support, and maintenance costs associated with IT ownership. Our pay-per-use model effectively eliminates unpleasant surprise expenses and keeps your budget under control.

Ready Stock
Choose from our wide array of standby refurbished laptops, desktops, tablets, printers, projectors and other IT-related products. We are equipped with various ready stock units to mitigate downtime

One to One Exchange
We perpetually strive to provide you with nothing short of excellence by ensuring all of our appliances are in top-notch condition. Rest assured, as any defective, old or obsolete equipment will be exchanged for new ones

Qualified Technician Assistance
Outsource your IT equipment’s operational and administrative management with our short term rental service. Our experts are here to relieve your employees from time-consuming tasks and, thus, enhance productivity

Door to Door
We want you to know that we’re ready to be of service and always prioritise your convenience. As such, we simplify your job by delivering your products right to your doorstep.

Flexible Rental Date
Through short term rental service, you can experience flexibility like never before in managing your IT assets. EzRental offers you the power to choose the ideal rental period, so you can adapt to your current and future needs

Free Consultation
Outsource your IT equipment’s operational and administrative management with our short term rental service. Our experts are here to relieve your employees from time-consuming tasks and, thus, enhance productivity

Branded Product
We provide a myriad of sophisticated brands and models of IT equipment for you to pick from. Fret not about the quality of our equipment as we only partner with the best-of-class tech principals

Dedicated Sales Personnel
We believe that our interactions with customers should involve more than a mere transaction. Passionate and driven, our sales team put themselves in your shoes to present viable solutions and ensure customer satisfaction.

Experience Short Term Rental
& That You Can Trust

Covering All Your IT Rental Requirements, Always.
Backed by our 20 years of experience in IT short term rental service, we endeavour to aid businesses to minimise spending, maximise productivity, and mitigate downtime.

Overcoming Modern Challenges With a Progressive Approach

How Short Term Rental Service Streamlines Operations and Saves the Day.

Online Examination

We aim to provide quality solutions with minimal to no risks from internal and external sources. Now, you can thoroughly focus on conducting online examinations without fretting about your equipment.

Multimedia Presentations

Let us take care of your presentation-related appliances, so you can present with ease and efficiency. Our comprehensive short term rental service includes delivery, set up, and qualified technical assistance for your presentation equipment.

Product Evaluation

You may be interested in replacing or upgrading your existing IT equipment or experimenting with a new brand or model. Short term rental devices are an excellent choice as they allow you to conduct a trial before you invest.

Trade Show, Exhibition, Conference, Seminars

We have reliable and suitable equipment to complement and coordinate your events, as well as ensure a smooth sailing experience. Our extensive inventory is sure to deliver a successful completion of your programme or project.

Business Travel

It’s certainly not ideal to carry your heavy IT equipment with you if you’re travelling. Our short term rental service delivers your preconfigured technology to your destination, enabling you to work on the go.

Equipment Break Down

Renting your appliances is a practical move if you’re facing an unprecedented situation of equipment failure. Not only does it ensure minimal downtime, but it also protects your overall business continuity.



Partnering with Trusted Brands to Revolutionise the Business World.


Redefining the Way Businesses Operate Through Short Term Rental Devices.

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