Dell Hybrid Cloud System


Pay-As-You-Go for On Premises - HaaS

Would you like to have pay-as-you-go model for your on premises application? One major benefit of the pay-as-you-go method is that there are no wasted resources, since you only pay for services procured, rather than provisioning for a certain amount of resources that may or may not be used. Now we able to provide Private Servers but alike public cloud of payment terms support by using our own Finance, Insurance.

Our Hardware-as-a-Services are based on latest technology powered by Dell & Microsoft.

Dell Hybrid Cloud System (DHCS),a co-engineered, pre-assembled and integrated hybrid cloud solution.

It is the only hybrid cloud integrated system with

  • Optimized, modular, cloud infrastructure
  • Microsoft Hybrid Cloud Platform System Standard
  • Private and public cloud management
  • Microsoft Azure Services for Backup, Site Recovery, and Operational Insights
  • Dell ProSupport and Professional Services including Dell Managed Cloud Services, and Dell Dedicated remotely managed solutions


The Advantages of Dell Hybrid Cloud System:

  1. Lightning Fast Deployment
  2. Unified Management of CPS, Azure, Windows Azure Pack & other public clouds
  3. Automated & Non-Disruptive Operation
  4. Agility & Scalability
  5. Budget & Usage Management
  6. Local Cloud for Sensitive Data
  7. Backup and DR to Cloud
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