About Doctor Web

Using its flagship product line Dr.Web® anti-virus solutions, Russia's Doctor Web is constantly expanding its markets via a global partner network

Year development and marketing of Dr.Web Anti-virus began
Company Founder
Igor Daniloff, Dr.Web Anti-virus creator
Year Company was founded
Core Technology Dr.Web®
Our strategic goal is to develop the highest-grade anti-virus protection that provides an impenetrable barrier to all present and future computer threats without exception. Our anti-virus sets itself apart from all other AV-vendor products by not adhering to an update schedule; the release of a virus update is immediate once a new threat appears and is analyzed.
The Title to Dr.Web® technology belongs solely to Doctor Web. The company owns the Dr.Web® engine, and has its own anti-virus laboratory and virus monitoring service.
Dr Web's Team
400+ employees (with over half in Research&Development)
CEO Boris Sharov
CTO Igor Daniloff
R&D Department
While Doctor Web's company headquarters is located in Moscow, Igor Daniloff and his Department of AV-Research and Development are situated in Saint Petersburg, the historic home of Dr.Web anti-virus development.
CTO Daniloff and his team respond on-the-fly to market demands and continuously offer new, efficient components and applications for cyber security professionals. The product line developed and supplied by Doctor Web embraces the widest spectrum of operating systems and compatible applications.
Virus Monitoring Service
Dr.Web's global monitoring network collects samples of new viruses from all over the world. Updates to the Dr.Web virus database are released as soon as new entries are added–up to several times per hour.
"Hot" add-ons are released as soon as a new threat is captured and analyzed.
Technical Support Service
Doctor Web's highly qualified Technical Support Services staff is committed to rendering prompt assistance to registered customers. Support services are available in five languages: Russian, English, French, German, and Japanese.
Dr. Web for Windows 10

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