Ensure your customers understand the facts about genuine Microsoft software and the risks of counterfeit. Doing so will help foster your relationships, create loyal customers, and protect your reputation as an honest reseller.

Genuine software
provides protection.


Genuine software helps protect against viruses,
spyware, malware, and other risks associated with counterfeit software.
Give customers the protection they expect by providing only genuine Microsoft

Genuine software isreliable.


Your customers count on the reliability and
performance of genuine software and can’t afford the downtime caused by system
failures or security breaches that can result from non-genuine software

Genuine software is


Only genuine software is supported by Microsoft or our
partners. Customers with counterfeit software aren’t entitled to support,
and will be at a real loss when things go wrong.  

Ensuring Genuine Software

The key to protecting your customers is to ensure you are always providing them with genuine Microsoft software. 




Always preinstall genuine software on PCs using the Microsoft OEM System Builder license. Learn more at


Always acquire Microsoft software from Microsoft Authorized OEM Distributors, an assured source of genuine software. Visit


Never install illegitimate or unlicensed software on your customer’s PCs

       -  Hard disk loading (installation piracy) will leave your customers unlicensed and subject to activation issues.

      -  Software downloaded from peer-to-peer networks, BitTorrent index stes, or one-click file hosting sites often contains harmful malware and viruses that can put customers at risk.


Never fall victim to purchasing standalone Certificates of Authenticity (COAs). COAs should never be purchased on their own, without the accompanying software they authenticate. Learn more


Never purchase or illegally use a Volume License Key (VLK). Only those devices that are a part of the organization with the Volume Licensing Agreement may use their VLKs. Learn more at

If your customers find they are not properly licensed, help them with
legalization licensing solutions. Visit


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